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You can still file a claim for refund, even after you have filed your return

    You can file a claim with the Internal Revenue Service (IRS) for a credit or refund if you think that the tax you paid is incorrect. The ordinary refund claim is a procedure that a taxpayer may undertake… Continue Reading →

When can an auditor squeal to the SEC about his client?

The Dodd-Frank Act created the opportunity for whistleblowers to earn potential multi-million dollar awards for information leading to major SEC cases.   Among the most potent of the whistleblower rule’s provisions, is the opportunity it provides for outside auditors to… Continue Reading →

The notes to financial statements are important

When financial statements are prepared in conformity with generally accepted accounting principles they must include an adequate disclosure of all material financial matters.   These matters maybe included in the financial statements themselves or in the appended notes.   Notes… Continue Reading →

Marissa Mayer has not turned Yahoo around yet

 It has been two years since Marissa Mayer took over at Yahoo.  The company’s turnaround hasn’t happened yet. Ms. Mayer’s best efforts to drive more content and acquire fresh talent and innovative products through acquisitions have done little to bolster… Continue Reading →

If you are over 65, in Texas you can defer your property taxes

The law is not well known, but if you are 65 or over, the law in Texas provides that you can defer the payment of your property tax on your residence until you die or move out.  Texas Property Code… Continue Reading →

An oldie does not mean a goodie

Ernst & Young settles charges it was not sufficiently independent from its clients. Ernst & Young (known for short as EY) is a multinational professional services firm headquartered in London.  It is the third largest professional services firm in the… Continue Reading →

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