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Early Apple iPhone 5 may have short battery life

  Apple has admitted that some iPhone 5 handsets were sold with defective batteries which ran out too quickly and the company has announced a free replacement plan. Apple said that the affected devices “may suddenly experience shorter battery life… Continue Reading →

Financial inversions are on the rise

    The inversion we used to talk about was the weather inversion hovering over Los Angeles that created all the smog.  A financial inversion is the latest hot topic. A financial inversion is a tax loophole that allows US… Continue Reading →

A new paradigm on Wall Street?

      The Securities and Exchange Commission (SEC) is focusing more attention on Wall Street and corporate America.  The SEC charged Paradigm Captial Managemen, a hedge fund, with two counts:  improper trading and for punishing the employee who blew… Continue Reading →

Review the Texas Ratio before you commit

    What is the Texas ratio?  Does it measure the number of single men versus the number of single women living in Texas?  Does it compare the number of guns to the number of Texas residents? No. The Texas… Continue Reading →

Steve Ballmer says goodbye to Microsoft board

    First, Steve Ballmer quit his job as Microsoft’s Chief Executive Officer (CEO.)  Now Ballmer has resigned from Microsoft’s Board of Directors, effective immediately.

The IRS grab-bag: miscellaneous deductions

  Looking for deductions? You may find that you are able to deduct certain miscellaneous costs that you pay during the year.  

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