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New iPhone 6 available Friday, September 19

    The new Apple iPhones 6 will be available for sale Friday, September 19. The iPhone 6 and the iPhone 6 Plus have crisper screens, faster processors and sharper cameras.

Obamacare WILL affect your tax return

  Obamacare will not only affect your health insurance it may also affect your federal income tax return. Internal Revenue Service (IRS) commissioner John Koskinen updated a congressional subcommittee about the Affordable Care Act and the impact that the law… Continue Reading →

SEC fines insiders for not filing required reports

  Section 16(a) of the Security and Exchange Commission (SEC) reguation S-K, requires that officers, directors, and 10% shareholders (“insiders”) must electronically file a Form 4 Statement of Changes of Beneficial Ownership of Securities with the SEC on or before… Continue Reading →

Bond traders should watch economic activity

An investor in bonds must follow economic activities. Economic trends have a significant effect on the bond markets. Various government agencies and private firms tabulate economic data and calculate various important indexes. These reports affect bond yields.

How to determine which project to do first

    Deciding how to prioritize and separate the high priority projects from lower priority projects can be daunting. Since a company’s future may be on the line when managers make these kinds of decisions, a structured and objective approach… Continue Reading →

Scammers pretend to be from the IRS

  The Internal Revenue Service (IRS) is warning the public to be alert for telephone scams and offers five telltale warning signs to tip you off if you get such a call. These scam calls are being made all over… Continue Reading →

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