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Open Source does not mean Wild West.

Open source describes practices in the production and development of source code that promote open access to the product’s source materials.  That does not mean that you can do anything you want.  There are licenses and rules for source code… Continue Reading →

Your tax return is done, now what?

  What should you do after you file your income tax return?

European Commission investigates Gazprom

    The European Union is planning on taking on the giant Russian gas company, Gazprom.

The strange language of accounting

  If the words “debits” and “credits” sound like a foreign language to you, you are on the right track. “Debits” and “credits” are words that have been traced back five hundred years documents describing today’s double-entry accounting system.

Europe charges Google with selfish searches

  The European Union’s antitrust chief accused Google of abusing its dominance in web searches to advance its own product line.

Last minute tips for filing your income tax return

    Today is the day your income tax return is due. Here are some last minute tax tips.

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